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This is regarding making your latest content available for search engines. Like pinging them and saying ‘Hey. I’ve updated some things,…please have a look ‘ 😉 . For better reach of your website over www, first of all the search engine giant Google should index your website in their database. Also should crawl through your websi
te using it’s BOTS. Even though Google automatically does this for all websites, we will need to verify our website (to confirm as owner) for better.

This can be done in easy steps.

Go to following link to Open Google webmaster to

Click “Add Site” Option and Enter your website.
**Add both www and non www versions and http and https (which you prefer)

Also please note that you will need either DNS (preferred) access or FTP access to verify that it’s is owned by you. It’s better to add both 🙂

Use Below url for submiting the domain name to add in Google index.

I hope if you are reading this, you are aware of proceeding further using the available options and buttons which are few clicks away in the above tools.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ping me on comments.


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