Install and Configure i3 Window Manager in RHEL7 and CentOS7

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i3 Window Manager Is one of the most amazing tool to have in your work environment if you are using a Linux Machine. It was built targeting the advanced users and developers. But I would suggest that whoever using the Linux machine for daily work should have a try on the same.

For more read on the i3 window manager, visit.

Let’s start 😉

Install i3 Window Manager

now we would be in Graphical Usermode, that is runlevel 3 in Linux Language and by default RHEL/CentOS and other distros will have their own window managers which are not so amazing 🙂
Since the deault Window manger is running/currently active, we need to switch to runlevel 3 or to non GUI mode.

For Pros, you may get in to Runlevel 3 during boot. 🙂

More convenient method (Easiest of all),

To switch from GUI to CLI:

Get the i3 Window Manager binary/ Install location

If you used default repo, it will be installed installed as /bin/i3
Change Active Window Manager

Switch back to GUI mode.

that’s it !.

**Common Usages:

Basic usages:

Moving windows

Grab more information & details from the official i3 website.


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